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Bluffing at Poker Games

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The odds are merely a framework for play, like the lines of a tennis court.
David Spanier (1901)

Essential element of poker winning strategy is bluffing. In other online casino games like the roulette or blackjack you have to use other strategies as this one will never help you to win those games, as you do not play against players. Some of poker gamblers are sure that bluffing should be concerned by the problem gambling helpline as cheating. Really, try to imagine the thrill of winning the big amount...but all the time other players win this money. Though it is possible to beat this game with no bluffing, yet most of the poker players are sure that bluffing is the main element of any winning poker system. In many situations bluffing helps a lot. The best way to study how and when to bluff is the practice, as the more you gamble the more you understand the essence of bluffing in poker.

You Actions at the Table

When you decide to implement bluffing into your game, be sure that nothing will reveal your thoughts. No one at the table should know that. So how the bluffing works? Let us analyze the following situation. Your opponents understand finally that you try to deceive them and as a result they may overplay their low poker hands. You can take advantage from it if you hold really very strong hand but the opponents still think that you try to deceive them once again.

In addition, by bluffing you may make other players tilt and steam. Gamblers do not like losing good money especially because someone cheats them. So, in case you managed to make a perfect bluff against the gamblers and show your cards in the end of game you disappoint opponents. They try to get money back and make many mistakes. This strategy is also known as “to play on tilt”, but, it is not recommended to use it a lot.

Rules of Bluffing

The major rule of bluffing is to bluff every time you expect the opponent fold the cards. Of course, such skills and intuition come with experience. Although, we recommend you to study some situations in which bluffs are the most successful.

Last Position

The last gaming position at the table is the advantageous one when you bluff. If you are the last to act and all gamblers before you checked it is the perfect opportunity to bluff by raising.

Small Stakes

In case you see that your opponents have small stakes it is right time to bluff as the gamblers are unlikely to match a raise. However, be careful because they may fold or push.

On a Draw

If your hand is very low but you are on a draw move to the so called semi-bluff. You rise hoping for the next strong card that will improve your poker hand. However in case the players re-raise your bet be ready to give up.

Thought bluffing at poker is quite fun and in most cases very beneficial still remember that in poker you are not to bluff to win money. The first time players are sometimes recommended to avoid bluffing and play only high hands. So, you are also better to follow such tactic and not rush.