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A Brief and Comprehensive Discussion of Poker Lingo and Terms

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Cards are war, in disguise of a sport.
Charles Lamb (1832)

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If you are playing poker then you are required to make yourself acquainted with the poker lingo. If you are new to the world of poker and gambling then it is very much possible that you come across a number of terms that are completely unfamiliar to you and it is really important that you develop your vocabulary of poker terms as quickly as possible for it will not only help you with a better understanding of the game but at the same time it will also earn you respect as a pro among your fellow players.

Poker Terms for Player

Like every professional world the world of poker also has its own poker lingo and terms. In poker jargon if you are a player with a very predictable game plane then you will be called as an ABC player and if lose your game in spite of having a better hand for being predictable in your game strategies it is going to be a ‘bad beat’ for you. Similarly you will be considered as ‘aggressive’ depending upon the amount of bet you place and the more bet you put in the more aggressive you will be considered. If you play well short stacked and are difficult to be knocked out of the board you will be treated as an ‘Alligator Blood’. Check our site to find out more about poker lingo.

But poker lingo is not all about indicating how good or bad you are in your game plan or strategies, but it will also be used to describe the kind of hand that you have in any particular game. If you have got a ‘Beer hand’ it will indicate that you have the worst possible hand containing 2-7 off suits. An Ace-King combination in the staring hand will be a ‘Big Slick for you while an Ace-jack combination will be called as a ‘Blackjack’ in poker terms.

Other Key Terms

For any professional player the importance of getting acquainted with the poker lingo is always of primary importance because otherwise he will be treated as an amateur and novice and as a greenhorn player your competitors will hardly respect you. Perhaps the first and most frequent term that you will come across while playing a game of poker is to ‘bluff’ and until and unless you know properly how much going to bluff success in poker can continue to allude you. In poker a bluff means betting and the more quickly you get hold of the poker lingo the more is your chance to win.