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Las Vegas History: Milestones Presentation To Know the Essentials

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We’d like to start our Las Vegas study course with the basic data on gambling mecca’s past. They are as favored as poker bookstore for poker players, for example; or as important as poker basics for them.
Las Vegas history milestones offer you the most principal dates and events to consider. Welcome to Las Vegas introduction starts with general milestones knowing on the subject matters and makes you familiar to Las Vegas history information.
You may find some milestones amusing and entertaining, some of them shocking and surprising as well. At all events – this historical stuff is worth to be read.
Las Vegas history is eventful and remarkable, but still we are to pick out the most interesting points in Vegas past. From Spanish explorers discover the desert lands and up to NBA All-Star 2007 games which took place in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas Time Keeping

1829 – Present Las Vegas area is discovered by Spanish discoverers;
1855 – Mormons land a first settlement in Las Vegas;
1905 – Town of Las Vegas establishing;
1911 – Las Vegas city is appeared;
1926 – The 1st commercial airline flight took place (Western Airlines);
1931 – A Big day in Las Vegas history – gambling is legalized in Nevada;
1940 – Las Vegas population is 8.422;
1946Flamingo Hotel is opened in Las Vegas. The first gambling taxes are introduced by the State;
1950 – Las Vegas population is 24.624;
1955 – Gaming control gains strength;
1959Convention Center of Las Vegas is opened;
1960 – Las Vegas population is 64.405;
1966 – Howard Hughes visits Las Vegas and lives in Desert Inn.
1970 – Las Vegas population is 125.787;
1975 – Nevada gambling incomes go beyond $1 billion mark;
1980 – 164.674 Las Vegas citizens celebrate its 75th birthday;
1985 – 1st National Finals of Rodeo took place in Vegas;
1989 Mirage is launched on Nov. 22;
1991 – Lay the foundation of casino MGM Grand;
1993 – Las Vegas casinos earn $6 billion;
1994 – The Desert Inn Road works start;
1995 – Paris Las Vegas casino resort is announced to be built;
1995 – The Las Vegas downtown setting changes forever as the Fremont Street Experience is opened;
1995 – 29 million of people visit Las Vegas each year;
1996 – Superb Stratosphere Tower is opened;
1996 – Monte Carlo casino is launched on June 21;
1996 – The state gambling revenue totals about $7.45 billion;
1997New York – New York hotel and casino resort is introduced;
1997Harley Davidson café opening influences the theme restaurant development and popularity;
1998 – Bellagio casino, the most remarkable and expensive hotel and gambling establishment is launched;
1998 – A Big day for a 66-years-old resident of Las Vegas who hits a Megabucks jackpot of $27.58 million;
1999 Mandalay Bay resort is opened;
2000 – Las Vegas population is 506.111;
2005 – 37.4 million of tourists visit Las Vegas;
2006 – 75 years anniversary of legalized gambling in Nevada;
2007NBA All-Star show is played in Vegas.