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Let It Ride - Poker Variation Rules

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A card player should learn that once the money is in the pot, it isn't his any longer.
Herbert Yardley (1957)

Conceived, devised and developed by Shuffle Master, Let It Ride is an offshoot of poker where the opponent is the house and not other competitors. As the game’s progression is on the slow side and you have several opportunities to alter your wagers, this game is quite prevalent with players who have a lot of birthdays under their belts and with those who haven’t participated in many hands. It is referred to, with a grain of salt, by many dealers as Let It Die, because they put a lot less cash tips in their pockets because they don’t play as many hands.

The Basics

Five-card stud was the model for Let It Ride. In this game the players bet on the three cards held by them as well as two cards that belong to the entire table that are in the dealer’s grasp. How much you win is similar to the dynamic of video poker, which is based on what is in the player’s hand and when the payout is available.

It’s extremely important to remember this form of receiving cash is just what most casinos use. Evidently there are many different choices as with most casinos, when selecting your method. It simply depends on where you are playing, so educate yourself on what’s out there.

Let’s Get Started

Everyone at the table plunks their wager down on specific areas pigeon-holed as 1, 2, and $. As with the payout schedule, each casino offers something a little different. Some have the choice of placing an extra dollar down, which comes in handy if a player hits the jackpot with his first three cards. The house, darn them, enjoys an advantage of roughly 13 percent, which makes it awful tough for a player to make a score. A bet that is more often employed is on the payout and normally includes a $1 wager on two pair or three of a kind.

How It All Comes Together

Naturally the dealer must have his eye on the players’ cards at all times, but after the player views what he is dealt, he must decide whether he withdraws the bet he already placed or allow it to remain. That’s where the term ‘Let It Ride’ comes in because that is what you are doing if you don’t alter your course. A winner is paid based on the assigned value for each specific hand of poker. For example, a three-of-a-kind would be worth x amount of dollars.