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Poker Reads - How to Succeed in Reading Poker Players

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Forget about a chip and a chair; give me a hand and I'll stand.
Warren Karp

Reading poker players involves discerning what other poker players hold or plan on doing, based on their betting patterns, actions and mannerisms, as well as your overall judgment.

How to Read Sharks

Decent poker players, regardless of their skill level, always learn new things about their opponents, their own games, and their skills in playing their favorite games. Like sharks that need to move to stay alive, poker players have to keep learning if they want to survive in the game.

It isn’t too hard to reach decent adequacy levels as a player of poker. You should play if you get hands such as AK or if you have decent pot odds; you shouldn’t tilt simply because you lose a pot. This basic competence level can be grasped by the majority of players out there. However, to turn into a true poker winner, players always have to learn, absorb and adapt to their environment.

Self-Control as a Key to Auccess

Winning in poker is all about situational analyses and self-control. Once you get everything under control by properly analyzing certain situations you find yourself engaged in it, you can make successful poker decisions with ease. As with everything else in life, the more you know, the better your decisions will be.

Successful players have the ability to take in information, as well as decipher and organize any information around them. Players should always strive to find out new information. If you see an opponent who is bluffing, you should take note of everything he does, so you can make use of that profitable information later on. That is what learning is all about; however, you have to stay passive not to be noticed that you are observing other players. That will also be a good practice for you.

How to Recognize Bluffing

Players who bluff almost always give off sufficient information on what s/he is going to so. You can see this player easily, just be attentive and learn to read other people’s faces and moves . You simply need to find out how the way all that can be decoded. If you are a good poker player, you should also be a good code breaker.

This does not mean that you need to learn out the behavior of each poker player at the table. It simply means that your brain should always gather information that can help in drawing reasonable conclusions. By doing this, you can usually anticipate what opponents will do even before they have figured that out themselves.

The Importance of Anticipation

When it comes to football, anticipation would be of the utmost essence. Defensive backs always have to anticipate receivers and quarterbacks. They love reading situations correctly and making the necessary moves to make interceptions before the throw of the ball. More importantly, they sometimes have to make that move or they will not get to the interception. The same goes for baseball outfielders.

Poker works in a similar way. Poker players make money through anticipating other players’ actions. This usually happens whenever they are first to act and something has to be done before the other players. When in such a position, it would be profitable to have an idea of what other players will do when you check or bet. Regardless of how short the amount of time is when playing with these players, they will still give out some kind of coded information that you need to decipher to anticipate their actions better.