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Understanding the Poker Hands Well

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He had the calm confidence of a Christian with four aces.
Mark Twain

Whenever you play poker you need to understand your hand first. It is important to learn which card can give you the advantage and which one causes your lose. The beginners face troubles while playing Texas Holdem or any other USA Poker. There are many experienced players who sometime fail to get the card start. Poker is a game of strategies and you need to understand them thoroughly to be able to master the game. Whether you play live or online poker, you'll definitely find these strategies worth remembering.

Always avoid K7s, J4s, J7s, Q7s, T6?

These are some cards that can just spoil your game. That is why you must avoid these cards. Even when you are too close to win the pot, these cards spoil all the fun. In case of K7 you have a huge chance to lose the game. You need to check your odds here. Sometimes you can get a hint from there. These types of cards cannot even make straight hand. If you get these cards undoubtedly you need to go through plenty of odd situations. If you are skilled poker player, you may benefit with these cards, if not – you may meet some complications.

The cards between A5-A8:

If you get any unsuited Ace hand and that is below AT then you can you can consider it as troubled hand. You can start betting with these cards. But with cards like A8, A7, A5 you cannot even hit much. If you play A8 then you just need to pray that your opponents have weaker ace. Otherwise, you cannot win that game. If you play A8 you will not get back anything from the game. If you still want to play weaker Aces, then you must be aware of your opponents. You can take the risk later in the game but avoid that is you are game beginner.

Hands like AA, KK, QQ, AK, and AQ:

Sometimes the beginners feel confused while playing big blind. When they see that a couple of black aces are there, they cannot decide what can be a good move. They assume that they can never win that game. With this type of big hands sometimes it becomes really tough to win. Many people frequently call pre-flops to make the situation even more complicated. You can avoid betting on such situation and call a raise. If you do that, some of your opponents will have to fold. In this way, you will actually increase your chance to win the bet.

Hands like JTs, 89s, QJs, KTs, 79s, 46s:

Playing Low Limit Hold’em there is lesser chance to get into any troubles with such cards. For hands like AA and KK it is tough to miss something. If you get those cards there are maximum chances for you to win the pot. 89 and JT can be the best cards when you are playing against multi actions. You can call raise to get more money in the pot. The more draws and straight decisions happen the more money comes into the pot. JT and 89 justify that and that is why you can play them. Use your brain while playing poker. Do not get trapped into anything bad and enjoy poker.