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Bet Calculator - Improving Game Chances

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Big sporting events will always inspire bookmakers and the betting public to have a punt on an outright market or each way bet. However, even those terms can cause confusion for those new to the betting scene and, in some cases, can even put potential players off placing a bet. Using a betting odds calculator is a great way for any player to become fully aware of any returns they will be due from an upcoming selection.

How to Use Odds Calculator

Using an odds calculator is very simple. They are easily accessible from the bookmaker's homepage, and often a link will appear beneath the betting slip as soon as a selection has been made. This, though, depends on the betting provider being used. Some sites will make a bet calculator available immediately on selection of a bet, while others will have them embedded in a deeper page or selectable through a tab or link elsewhere, for example Whichever is the case, 99 percent of sports betting sites have these calculators available for punters to use.

Betting calculators can be used to calculate odds and returns for any sporting selection, but are most commonly used by punters for racing events and football selections. Having decided on their selections, players can input them through the betting calculator which will contain boxes for stake, odds, kind of bet, and returns. Inputting the information in the relevant fields will display the returns a player can expect from his stake.

Using a betting calculator is a slightly different method of ascertaining returns than making selections directly to the betting slip itself. The slip, which appears on-screen as soon as a punter clicks on the outcome he wishes to make, details the stake and returns that he or she will receive. However, it does not explain the procedure for making each specialist bet. A good bet calculator does exactly that, though some sites have separate pages that describe unique bets like Lucky 15, Goliath and Heinz bets, bets which pay out differing returns depending on the number of selections made and how each selection affects the next.

In actual fact, betting calculators are easily graspable and recommended for use by as many bookmakers as customers. Bookies have a vested interest in ensuring their customers are content, and offering them help in the form of explaining bets and returns can only help the relationship between betting provider and user. Many betting sites also offer live online chat with customer service representatives, which offers further opportunity for explanation should any be required. However, betting calculators are usually enough for most customers to explain exactly what they have to look forward to from their winning coupons.