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There is more to poker than life.
Tom McEvoy

Since the 2003 World Series of Poker was captured by Chris Moneymaker and the subsequent year by Greg Raymer, who both gained access to the tournament from the online poker site PokerStars, the online poker rooms have been packed to the brim. With one in every four dollars wagered online being attributed to poker, one can say with absolute certainty business is booming. Gone are the days players had to compete in a casino that might be miles away or in a house where the rake fee could definitely bust them within an hour’s time.

So what are you waiting for? If you are a novice that simply requires more information to get started, keep reading. You’ll be sitting at the table of your choice in no time preparing to vie for quite possibly a significant cash jackpot. How does that sound? Like money in the bank?

The first hand of online poker was dealt in 1999, although free forms of the game began to crop up earlier in the decade. Not that it didn’t have cache prior to 2003, but Moneymaker’s run through the World Series really took the world by storm. It set the established poker intelligentsia back on its heels and opened the eyes of millions of players, that previously were loath to quit their day jobs, to the possibility the same opportunity could appear for them. Hence the rise in online poker’s prevalence as the years have progressed.

Although the same game, online poker definitely holds certain advantages over the traditional method. Transactions are instantaneous, dealer’s tips are not taken automatically from them in rake charges, and how many hands you play in an hour is computer generated instead of relying on a human being. Online poker rooms also provide a myriad of bonuses, cash prizes or point systems in addition to their cash jackpots. Also, you don’t have to a high roller or shark to play a few hands and pay for dinner from your winnings. Overall, it’s less risk, much easier to access as you can log in from any location, and exceedingly swifter without the human element.

Security is always a concern is this day and age and rightly so, but most online poker rooms are equipped to deal with this challenge. This fact of life is a serious source of apprehension for game owners as well. This is their livelihood. They don’t intend on taking any chances with not being able to feed their families.

So cast your fears inside and explore all the wonderful options, monetary rewards and social entertainment online poker rooms provide. Explore the websites and unearth the rooms that appeal the most to you. It will only take 10 minutes to get you started and you will be mighty glad you did!