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  • Leadville Mountains Wel­come to Lead­ville Poker Club. Loc­ated in Lead­ville where all is covered with snow al­most all the time, we guar­an­tee warm and friendly at­mo­sphere at poker tour­na­ments our club reg­u­larly holds.

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The good news is that in every deck of fifty-two cards there are 2,598,960 possible hands. The bad news is that you are only going to be dealt one of them.
Anthony Holden, author of Big Deal (1990)

Everyone knows how poker works, right? You get your cards, and every player has to make the highest hand. Right?

Wrong. While that may be true of most types of Poker, you obviously don't know Seven Card Stud Razz.

Details of Card Stud Razz

Seven Card Stud Razz, or just Razz for short, is a variant of the traditional poker rules where the player with the lowest hand wins. Each player is dealt three cards, two face down and one face up, the lowest visible hand bets first. Once all the bets have been equalized, a community card, called fourth street, is dealt. Once again, the player with the lowest visible hand is the first to bet. After each round of betting, another community card is dealt into the centre of the table. When there are four face up cards in the middle, there is a final round of betting. The object of the game is simple: lowest hand wins. If it happens that two players each have the same low hand, the winner is determined by looking at the suit of the lowest card. Spades is highest, followed by diamonds, then hearts and then clubs.

So now you know. If this sounds like a type you'd like to try, then head over to The full rules for this, and many other major types of poker can be found there. There are hints and tips for every style you're likely to find, as well as how to play them all, so you're never stuck for what to play next. And if you're just eager to see what all the different kinds of poker are, is your ideal stopping point and you can be playing whatever poker you fancy in a few minutes with the online poker software you can find at